Education at Consolidate

Expand your horizons and embrace the educational wonders at Consolidate events!

From engaging Coder Dojo workshops to captivating Cosplay showcases, we offer an enriching experience that combines learning and creativity.

Coder Dojo sessions

Unleash your inner coder and join our Coder Dojo sessions, where you’ll have the chance to learn coding languages, explore game development, and delve into the world of digital innovation. Gain invaluable skills that can open doors to exciting career opportunities in technology and programming.

passion for craftsmanship

For those with a flair for fantasy and a passion for craftsmanship, our Cosplay events are a must-attend. Learn the art of costume design, character portrayal, and prop creation, while immersing yourself in a vibrant community of fellow enthusiasts. Step onto the stage and bring your favorite characters to life, leaving the audience awestruck with your creativity and dedication.

At Consolidate

At Consolidate, we believe that education should be immersive, interactive, and above all, fun! We provide a nurturing environment where participants can explore new interests, acquire valuable knowledge, and connect with like-minded individuals who share their passions.

For businesses

For businesses seeking to make a meaningful impact, sponsoring our educational events at Consolidate is a powerful way to showcase your commitment to fostering learning and empowering the next generation. Align your brand with educational excellence, engage with eager learners, and leave a lasting impression on the minds of tomorrow’s leaders.